"We highly appreciate your dedication, your constant presence, warmth and we thank you for being our teacher." 

"I've always enjoyed your classes as they embrace the physical, spiritual and emotional. I found inner strength that I didn't know I had. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take your classes." 

"You have changed my practice in so many profound ways." 

"I think that you have an extraordinary gift of sharing your knowledge in yoga and joy in life in general... You inspired me, challenged me, and guided me. And I think that these are the best assets of any teacher." 

"You express all that is beautiful so purely. Thank you for your warrior strength, your teachings, your guidance, your humor, your tenderness. You are a gift to all." 

"His only intention is to do what's best for his students. As a generous advocate, utmost professional, and inspiring mentor."

"You have wisdom, compassion, and selflessly share with everybody. I'm forever grateful to the universe for you are a true definition of a teacher. My eyes are opening."