Y O G A 

Exploring the fundamentals of ASANA, the poses become accessible to us to practice every day.  Om TERRA is a contemporary inquiry that interplays with traditional methods.   Yoga is the technique to move inward to influence the change outward.

Daily Master Classes with Marco

Eco-Yoga: Posture Practices with Nature

Living Yoga: Practical Applications of Yamas and Niyamas (What To Do and What Not To Do)

Pranayama in Action

Sitting, Walking, and Work Meditation


Being Yoga

Karma Yoga: Yoga of Action

Jnana Yoga:  Yoga of Knowledge (Philosophy)

Bkahti Yoga: Yoga of Devotion


E L E M E N T S  O F  N A T U R E

Metta Earth is surrounded by stunning mountains and many wild places to refresh body and soul.  The headwaters of the New Haven River come from these same mountains with pure, vital pools and waterfalls to enjoy.  Learn about ecopsychology and deep ecology, as rejuvenating philosophies and practices for reconnection with nature.

EARTH pristine, nurtured terrain

WATER river

FIRE summertime

AIR mountain prana

SPACE 158 acres of lovingly tended land

METAL mountain minerals

WATER drinking from the source

WOOD explore meadows, pastures, fields, forests, evergreens, and old orchards

FIRE sun, ceremony, sun gazing

EARTH eating from the land (organic, local, seasonal, biodynamic)


C O N S C I O U S  V A C A T I O N

A vibrant summer destination, Vermont is one of the happiest and healthiest states.  Invest in yourself and the practices of restoration, cleansing, detoxification, purification, and healing.  The program offers ample opportunity to experience free time.  


Holistic Chinese Healing Treatment

Nutritious Food: Balanced meals lovingly prepared drawing inspiration from various health food systems (Ayurveda, raw foods, SuperFoods, Chinese Medicine Theory)

Conscious Hydration: pure water, house-brewed kombucha, wild crafted herbal tea, fresh juice, shakes

River Dips

Magnificent Mountain Meanderings


S U S T A I N A B L E Y O G A  F A R M

80 percent of the food consumed by residents and guests is grown on Metta Earth’s land, using the most holistic agricultural methods. Savor luscious meals made from the bounty of the land and enjoy cheese from our heritage cows; feel the benefits of holistic permaculture growing methods.

A Center for Contemplative Ecology

Self sufficient: solar power, deep water well on site

Witness the effects of rejuvenation of land and soil through animal care, carbon farming, rotational grazing, and holistic management



C O M M U N I T Y  O F  P L A N E T  L O V E R S:  

O M  T E R R A  F R I E N D S

Leadership training is woven in to the journey, preparing you to take action to address the social and environmental challenges in your home community.  Upon completion of Om TERRA, we offer continuing support to you.

Community Sangha of Other Om TERRA Friends, Eco Yoga Leaders, Activists

Interbeing of All Beings

Quarterly Newsletter with Om TERRA Inspirations

Follow up phone conversation with one teacher of your choice (30 minutes)

Resources and Sourcing

Ten percent discount to future Yoga Farm Vermont Retreat